Meden-Inmed products in Czech Republic

In some hospitals, SPA hotels, Rehabilitation centers in Czech Republic there is a wide range of Meden-Inmed equipment. You can find there, among others:

  • Aquameden – Underwater massage bath tub
  • Carbosat – Device for baths in carbon dioxide
  • Carbobed – Device for dry baths in CO2
  • Aqamobil – Mobile water massage unit
  • Whirlpools – Whirlpool bath tubs for upper limbs, lower limbs
  • WaveMotion – Unique table to gently swing and rotate 360° in space
  • Solmed – Infrared irradiation lamp
  • Vertimo – Tilting table

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Meden-Inmed equipment in Rehabilitation Center in Taraz, Kazakhstan

The first Rehabilitation Center dedicated to helping coronavirus patients and the ones suffering from pneumonia has recently been opened in Taraz city (Kazakhstan). The facility has been equipped with essential equipment and supplies, including, among others the highest quality medical devices from MEDEN-INMED and NEUROFORMA with unlimited access to motor-cognitive exercises, modules and set of breathing exercises.

The idea behind the establishment of the center was the assumption, that if the patient undergoes rehabilitation directly after the isolation hospital, there is a good chance that the damage caused by the coronavirus will be much less severe.

A total number of 75 specialists who have trained in Kazakhstan and Lithuania will work in the new rehabilitation center. On average, more than 80 people a day can undergo numerous physiotherapy exercises. An individual rehabilitation program is developed for each patient.

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Safari tables in Training Center RMED in Ukraine

Some of our tables from Safari line have found their place in the Training Center RMED in Kijev (Ukraine).

From wide range of this line there were chosen 2 types: 4 pcs. of Jaguar S3.F4 in graphite colour and 3 pcs. of Puma S4.F0 in orange colour.

Below is photo gallery.