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    Neurological Rehabilitation

Małe Gacno, Poland

„Neuron was established in 2003 and is constantly developing and modernising. We are a medical unit providing comprehensive neurorehabilitation services for children and adults. Neuron Rehabilitation has three medical facilities, each equipped with modern neurorehabilitation equipment: the Lokomat® Pro re-education and gait training device, the INDEGO exoskeleton, the C-Mill treadmill and the Salus Talent device.

We organise rehabilitation holidays. These include individual and modern rehabilitation for children and adults. Outpatient rehabilitation is also included in the range of services”.

mgr Michał Urbański
MA in Physiotherapy (Member of the Board)

Investment provided:

  • Chattanooga Wireless,
  • Erigo® Pro,
  • C-Mill VR.

Neuron has three centres:

  • Neuron Rehabilitation and Hippotherapy Centre – Małe Gacno,
  • Neuron Rehabilitation Centre – Bydgoszcz Fordon,
  • Neuron Rehabilitation Centre – Bydgoszcz city centre.

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