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Warszawa, Poland

The Brave Bear Institute aims to build a child’s abilities, not to make them strong, because strength does not mean being able to function. The highly specialised staff are dedicated to achieving real and tangible goals. The extensive knowledge and experience of the rehabilitators increases the range of possibilities for working with the child. Methods such as NDT Bobath, PNF, manual therapies, neuromobilisation therapies, elements of sensory therapies, educational therapies and many others are used to achieve the goal during therapy, depending on what the child needs in a given situation.

One of the key elements of the Brave Bear Institute is the research part of the Movement Laboratory, Move-Lab, where biomechanical analyses of human movement are carried out: gait, treadmill running, functional tests after injuries, both for athletes, adults, and children. Teaching is carried out using the Simi Reality motion system with 8 DV cameras, the Bertec dynamometer platform and Delsys wireless EMG sensors for muscle activity. The interdisciplinary team consists of Justyna Kędziorek, a student of physiotherapy at the Rehabilitation Department of the Academy of Physical Education, and Michał Turemka, a graduate of the Warsaw University of Technology.

„have several years of experience in intensive rehabilitation of children and adults. I have worked with leading centres in the world (including Kaiser Permanente in the United States) and in Poland (including a rehabilitation coordinator in one of the leading centres). I am a graduate of the Faculty of Rehabilitation at the Academy of Physical Education in Warsaw.

I am personally involved in the problems of children who need intensive therapy, so I know how important it is to equip the centre with the most modern equipment and to train therapists to become real specialists”.

Aleksandra Izydorczyk
Owner and physiotherapist

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