About Us

Meden-Inmed has been a leading manufacturer and distributor of professional medical equipment since 1989. With each passing year and each new product, we continue to raise the bar even higher. At the same time, we improve our equipment, implement state-of-the-art solutions, and introduce new concepts. We are committed to maintaining our leading position in the medical device industry. We are continually investing in new manufacturing facilities and warehouses to further increase our productivity.

We produce and deliver products from the following categories all over the world:

Our mission

Meden-Inmed is strongly committed to providing the finest products and services in the medical industry. We also strive to create healthy business models for our partners.


Our vision

Our products

The quality of the products we manufacture has always been our priority. We do everything in our power to ensure that the equipment we manufacture is of the highest technological standard. Our team of designers is constantly working on more innovative solutions. All our equipment is manufactured to make doctors, physiotherapists, and rehabilitation therapists' life easier.

Our customers

Without the satisfaction and contentment of our customers, the success of our company would not be possible. We put your wellbeing first in everything we do. We strive to meet the expectations of our patients and their carers and do everything we can to make therapy with our equipment both comfortable and trouble-free.

Our employees

Mutual support and motivation are the strengths of our company. Each of our employees is encouraged to develop and contribute to new projects. Therefore, we provide modern management tools and constant support to facilitate their work. We encourage new initiatives, open communication and, above all, original ideas!

Our partners

Trust is a core value in the medical field and in the medical device market, as health and life protection depend on it. Every decision has to be carefully considered and collaborations have to be entered into consciously. For this reason, we only cooperate with reliable and loyal partners.

Our management system

We strive to ensure that our actions are consistent and lead to a common goal - the satisfaction of Patients, Rehabilitation Professionals, Doctors, and our Partners.


Innovation and research

Meden-Inmed has been a member of several medical clusters for a number of years, amongst them are MedSilesia and the Centre for Biomedical Engineering, which aim to create prototype solutions to support various medical processes such as diagnosis, planning, surgical procedures or rehabilitation.


Organizational structure


35 years of Meden-Inmed

Take a look at how we have grown over the last 35 years and what is yet to come for us, our partners and our customers.

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