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Budy Głogowskie, Poland

DONUM CORDE Care and Rehabilitation Center is a highly innovative rehabilitation unit that provides 24-hour medical care and modern rehabilitation for patients in various clinical conditions, using advanced technologies.

DONUM CORDE accommodates patients with various chronic conditions, including post-traumatic, ischaemic and haemorrhagic strokes, orthopaedic and surgical interventions, and as a result of emergencies, patients in a coma and on mechanical ventilation or enteral feeding.

The qualified medical staff ensures the continuity of treatment and the possibility of recovery for patients staying at the center. There are specialist medical consultations, specialised psychological and neurological therapies and diagnostics available for patients. Rehabilitation services are provided in the form of inpatient and outpatient stays.

Patients receive a personalised rehabilitation programme, considering their current state of health, often with the support of modern technology. The DONUM CORDE Center has the only rehabilitation equipment in Poland, including gait re-education devices and upper limb therapy. Adult and child patients are provided with early rehabilitation using available robotics.

Patients are also offered solutions such as water rehabilitation in the intimate swimming pool at the DONUM CORDE Centre.

The centre also offers a range of options for the youngest patients. The stay of a child and a carer at the facility offers the opportunity to carry out a varied rehabilitation using techniques in individual therapy with a physiotherapist. The provision of world experience rooms, a sensory integration room and the use of robotics in the rehabilitation of the youngest patients have been successful in this respect.

The use of robotics in the rehabilitation of patients and the complementarity of medical measures, also in relation to medical care, offers the chance of recovery and independence. Every effort is made to ensure that the medical care and rehabilitation of patients is of the highest standard.

Rozwiązania wykorzystywane w ośrodku:

  • Armeo® Power,
  • Vibramoov™ Pro,
  • Vibramoov™ Physio,
  • Erigo® Pro with FES function,
  • C-Eye® Pro,
  • FESIA Walk,
  • FESIA Grasp,
  • Sensory Integration Room,
  • World Experience Room,
  • Dyaco Treadmill.

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