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Białystok, Poland

The modern building of the Psychiatric Centre has three floors. It was built next to the University Hospital and the University Children’s Hospital.

The centre was opened in September 2022. The ground floor is divided into two parts with separate entrances: for children and for adults. The first floor is exclusively for young patients, while the second floor is for adults. It will house a new adult psychiatric day-care centre, the first of its kind in Podlaskie, a mental health centre and a psychiatric clinic, which was relocated from the hospital in Choroszcz. The child and adolescent psychiatric clinic, the child and adolescent psychiatric day clinic and the child and adolescent psychiatric outpatient clinic were transferred from University Children’s Hospital.

The investment – including equipment – cost PLN 40 million.

Patients can come to the Centre with any mental health problem, whether it is a personal problem related to bereavement, suicidal thoughts, difficulties in coping with an illness such as cancer or other mental health problems. They will receive help tailored to their individual needs. Healthcare services provided by the CZP are free of charge and may include outpatient clinic visits, a stay in a day or 24-hour unit, support from the community treatment team who visit the patient’s home to help them and their family. An individual treatment plan is developed by specialists based on contact with the person experiencing a mental health crisis.

The investment provided:

For adults:

  • TruScan EEG 32 ch,
  • DuoMag XT-100 with Brainsight neuronavigation system,
  • SomniPro polysomnograph.

For children:

  • DuoMag XT-100,
  • SomniPro polysomnograph.

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