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One of our most popular hydrotherapy devices – AQUAI – can now be found in the Baia Populara Sibiu, in Romania.

It’s a Spa & Wellness center dedicated to well-being, relaxation, as well as to maintaining health, mental and emotional balance. Located into the lovely medieval city of Sibiu, this health oasis was created in an old beautiful building from the beginning of the 20th century which was recently restored. The mission of Baia Populara Sibiu is „to revive the ancient importance of SPA and turn it into a lifestyle that everyone can afford.”

The Aquai device is placed into a separate room, which guarantee the user intimacy, and full relaxation of the body and the mind. „The floating sensation has an almost instant effect of relaxation, a mental and physical detachment which easily transposes the user into a dream world..”

More details about the facility where Aquai was installed can be found on their site.

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