Sanatorium Spa Baltic

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  • Massage / Tilting / Treatment Tables

    Massage / Tilting / Treatment Tables

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Kołobrzeg, Poland

We thoroughly recommend cooperation with Meden-Inmed – it’s a credible, responsible, supportive and trustworthy partner. The equipment we were supplied with went beyond our expectations, and their professional help and counseling on selecting the equipment substantially increased the pace of carrying out the project. Thank you!

Marcin Zdunek
Manager of S. U. Baltic

The project

Providing equipment for the luxurious Sanatorium Spa Baltic, Kołobrzeg. The Sanatorium was supplied with the ultramodern rehabilitation and wellness and spa equipment, including widely acknowledged on the market apparatuses for hydrotherapy, thermotherapy, and the High Intensity Laser Therapy (HILT). Fitness rooms as well as motor rehabilitation rooms were fully provided with the Kettler fitness equipment, Terapeuta massage and rehabilitation tables, rehabilitation rotors, and Redcord Sling Exercise Therapy sets. The Sanatorium Spa Baltic is at present one of best equipped rehabilitation and wellness and spa facilities in Poland.

As part of the project Meden-Inmed supplied equipment for:

  • hydrotherapy,
  • physiotherapy,
  • kinesitherapy,
  • thermotherapy,
  • fitness and rehabilitation rooms,
  • wellness and spa rooms.

The scope of work:

  • selecting medical equipment,
  • selecting rehabilitation equipment,
  • supervising proper installation of cross-connections at the stage of constructing the building,
  • installation of the equipment,
  • training of the staff.

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