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Kamień Pomorski, Poland

With professional guidance and training in the field of operation of the devices by employees Meden-Inmed, Spas Kamien Pomorski introduced specialized services in the field of rehabilitation.

Chrobry Spa
Kamień Pomorski

The project

Equiping of Kamień Pomorski Spa with modern equipment for neurological rehabilitation – Lokomat Pro v.6 designed for walking therapy and motor reeducation. The Kamień Pomorski Spa is one of the most valuable spa bases in Poland offering professional treatment, specialist rehabilitation and a wide range of natural therapies. Top-quality devices and qualified staff provide patients with the highest level of services.

As part of the investment, equipment was provided for:

  • neurological rehabilitation,
  • hydrotherapy,
  • physical therapy,
  • advanced equipment for neurological rehabilitation (including Lokomat Pro).

The scope of work:

  • selection of medical equipment,
  • cooperation with architects, at the design and construction stage, in the area of the location of the treatment base,
  • supervision over proper implementation of connections at the construction stage,
  • assembly of devices,
  • staff training.

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