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Supraśl, Poland

The construction of a modern centre requires the cooperation of many specialists. We are pleased that we chose Meden-Inmed our partner in the medical industry. Thanks to many years of experience, commitment of employees and professional advice – Holmed Hospital Resort has been comprehensively equipped with technologically advanced equipment. Support at the design stage allowed for the construction of functional and ergonomic rooms. Thank you for the individual approach to our investment.

dr n. med. Dorota Skrodzka
Medical Director

The project

Comprehensive equipment of the Holmed Rehabilitation and Spa Hospital includes hydrotherapy, balneotherapy, physiotherapy, kinesitherapy, cryotherapy, REDCORD system for NEURAC therapy and treatment and massage tables.

The hospital offers patients a professional rehabilitation of the spine (including using the innovative DAVID modular system), cardiology (innovative XRCISE CARE software), oncological and systemic. Visitors can also take advantage of expert advice from a psychologist and dietitian. Treatment plans are selected individually during medical consultations, based on the conducted tests.

Holmed SPA is the largest investment of this type in the Podlasie voivodship. Against the background of the competition, it is distinguished by modern infrastructure, qualified staff, friendly atmosphere and short waiting time for treatments.

As part of the investment, equipment was provided for:

  • hydrotherapy,
  • cryotherapy,
  • physiotherapy,
  • kinesiotherapy,
  • balneotherapy,
  • massage,
  • cardiac rehabilitation,
  • prevention of spinal diseases.

The scope of work:

  • selection of medical equipment,
  • cooperation with architects, at the design and construction stage, in the area of the location of the treatment base,
  • supervision over proper implementation of connections at the construction stage,
  • assembly of devices,
  • staff training.

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