17 grudzień 2021

The latest methods of prevention, diagnostics and treatment of strokes | Vilnius – Lithuania

Neuroforma, Pictor, Draco presentation at seminar in Vilnius, Lithuania At the beginning of December (1.12.2021) in Vilnius (Lithuania), took place the seminar „The latest methods of prevention, diagnostics and treatment of strokes”. It was organized in the Comfort Hotel, the target group of participants were physical medicine and rehabilitation doctors, general physicians, neurologists, neurosurgeons, sports […]

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22 czerwiec 2021

Aquai in Spa Hotel Esé in Lithuania

With pleasure we would like to inform, that one of our devices (Aquai – dry hydromassage membrane unit) can be found in the unique SPA hotel for millennials in southern Lithuania. Spa Hotel Esé, a destination for a younger client, is located in the spa town of Birštonas known for its clean air, therapeutic mud […]

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11 czerwiec 2021

Meden-Inmed at ExpoMED Eurasia Hybrid+ in Turkey

At the beginning of June (02-04.06.2021) in Istanbul (Turkey) took place ExpoMED Eurasia Hybrid+ Fair, an international exhibition for medical analysis, diagnosis, health care, hospital supplies and rehabilitation aids. It is the leading medical trade fair not only in Turkey but also in greater Eurasian Region where medical devices, equipment, and technologies are showcased and […]

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02 czerwiec 2021

Meden-Inmed received the EU Certificate

We are pleased to announce that we have received the EU Certificate, which confirm compliance with the requirements of Annex IX, Chapter I, Section 2 and 3 of Regulation (EU) 2017/745 for the product groups listed in the Certificate. This means that the devices we manufacture are a guarantee of safety and high quality. We […]

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17 maj 2021

Post-COVID-19 Rehabilitation

The latest scientific research and medical reports indicate a rapidly growing number of patients who have experienced COVID-19 infection and their special rehabilitation needs. The course of the disease can be very different. The methods of treating patients infected with COVID-19 and the subsequent ailments are also varied. Patients with a history of infection most […]

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12 kwiecień 2021

Eleveo and Axelero in Ukraine

Another large rehabilitation center has decided to trust our products. Practical workshops for a group of 7 physiotherapists and doctors took place in the neurological rehabilitation clinic in Ternopil, Ukraine. This training was organized by our distributor – RMED. Participants learned how to use Eleveo with their patients (maintain proper posture, reduces load, eliminates balance […]

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28 styczeń 2021

Eleveo system for dynamic unloading in Vietnam

Our products are recognized in more and more countries. Now you can find one of them in Vietnam.  Eleveo – helps to maintain proper posture, reduces load, eliminates balance problems and improves motor coordination training. This perfect solution for training patients in a wide range of gait disorders works in  Traditional medicine hospital in DAKLAK province. […]

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08 styczeń 2021

9 bath tubes ORIONMED Balneo in Bulgaria

Some from our wide range of hydrotherapy bath tubes –  ORIONMED Balneo – have appiered in one of Hospitals in Bulgaria. Basin of this special tub is made of high quality acrylic saline influence-resistant. Special pump and fittings elements are adapted to saline waters. Except possibility of balneological baths and regular hydro massage via 26 […]

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