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Hospital Rehabilitation and Health Resort Holmed SPA
Nasza Klinika
  • Massage / Tilting / Treatment Tables

    Massage / Tilting / Treatment Tables

  • Hydrotherapy & Balneotherapy

    Hydrotherapy & Balneotherapy

  • Wellness


  • Physiotherapy


Busko-Zdrój, Poland

The Bristol ART & SPA sanatorium values the professionalism and quality of services. That’s why we asked Meden-Inmed for advice on equipping the Medical Centre. Big knowledge and help of employees allowed us to make a decision in the selection of equipment meeting our requirements.

Anna Marciniec
Medical Menager

The project

Medical Centre equipment – Bristol Sanatorium in Busko-Zdrój with balneology, hydrotherapy devices, massage and rehabilitation tables. This is a luxurious centre offering medical rehabilitation using the modern devices. The sanatorium has experience in the rehabilitation of the musculoskeletal system, spine, rehabilitation after mastectomy, and chronic diseases. Therapeutic plans for selected diseases.

As part of the investment, equipment was provided for:

  • balneology,
  • hydrotherapy,
  • physiotherapy,
  • massage.

The scope of work:

  • selection of medical equipment,
  • consultations on the location of devices at the design stage,
  • supervision over proper implementation of connections at the construction stage,
  • assembly of devices,
  • staff training.

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