01 czerwiec 2022

Meden-Inmed, for the first time after such a long break, organized two meetings to continue the idea of product training for distributors. The two-day events were held simultaneously on 10-11.05.2022 in Koszalin (service training) and in Mielno (product training). During the two days of product training all participants had an opportunity to see presentations of our products and have hands-on practical exercises with the devices: Wavemotion, Fiji, Safari and Prestige tables, Eleveo, Axelero Gait&Ballance, Neuroforma, Pictor, devices for cryotherapy, Pelvictutor and patient lifts. The service training participants had an opportunity to familiarize themselves with our equipment regarding its operation, safety instructions, and troubleshooting. This time we had the pleasure to host distributors from Georgia, Czech Republic, Denmark, Germany, Austria, Lithuania, Latvia, and Romania which helped us to establish closer relations with our partners. Even though the trainings took place in two different venues, on May 10 in Hotel Ferry in Mielno a special business dinner was held which bonded all of us. #medeninmed