Post-COVID-19 Rehabilitation

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Post-COVID-19 Rehabilitation

The latest scientific research and medical reports indicate a rapidly growing number of patients who have experienced COVID-19 infection and their special rehabilitation needs. The course of the disease can be very different. The methods of treating patients infected with COVID-19 and the subsequent ailments are also varied.

Patients with a history of infection most often complain of cognitive problems, i.e. problems with maintaining concentration, memory, depth perception, muscle weakness, chronic fatigue, deterioration of lung function and cardiovascular disorders.

It is recommended to include in the process of postcovidal rehabilitation kinesiotherapy (endurance training, breathing exercises, general improvement exercises), massages, walking training, balneotherapy, hydrotherapy, cognitive training and relaxation.

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The broad spectrum of activities with post-Covid-19 patients includes:

  • kinesiotherapy with particular emphasis on endurance training, respiratory exercises, effective cough exercises, general improvement exercises
  • individual inhalations
  • walking training
  • balneotherapy – according to individual indications
  • hydrotherapy, physical therapy – according to individual indications
  • massage – according to individual indications
  • relaxation training
  • health education and health promotion, including, for example learning the correct technique of using inhalers, elimination of addictions and other risk factors of civilization diseases, pro-health lifestyle modification
  • dietary treatment – according to individual indications
  • rehabilitation support for comorbidities.
Post-COVID-19 Rehabilitation

In Meden-Inmed oer you can find the equipment that can help in recovery of such patients.

Axelero Reha

Axelero Reha – a rehabilitation treadmill equipped with a display with the possibility of programming training sessions according to the individual needs of the patient. It enables walking training to improve endurance and improve the functions of the circulatory and respiratory systems. Safety is ensured by handrails, an additional STOP button and a low initial speed of 0.2 km/h.


Eleveo – a system for dynamic patient unloading. It enables the training of weakened muscle groups as well as gait re-education and walking training. Adopting an upright posture improves cardiovascular function.


Neuroforma – a system for training cognitive and motor functions using Augmented Reality. The exercises designed by specialists allow you to train memory, improve concentration, train spatial orientation and strengthen weakened muscle groups. The device also includes a balance training module and breathing exercises.

Single-person Cryochamber

Single-person Cryochamber – a systemic cryotherapy (cryochamber) strengthen the body’s immunity and improve the eciency of the lungs and the entire respiratory system. Cryotherapy also has a positive eect on the circulatory system, increasing cell oxygenation and reducing the risk of heart diseases. It allows for fast, effective treatments at a constant temperature down to the neck. Single-person cryochamber is designed for small rehabilitation centres, clinics or home use.

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Updated: 13-11-2023, 15:11