EU Gateway to Korea – Mission on Healthcare & Medical Technologies

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Thank you for your presence at the Therapie Lepizig 2017

Between 13 and 17th of March 2017, a few selected European companies flew for the business trip to Seoul, Korea.

The mission was dedicated to Korean medical health care and new technologies for the medical industry. One of the main participants of the meeting was Meden-Inmed from Poland. The mission to Korea was held under the patronage of EU Gateway. The EU Gateway has its origins in the EU Gateway program created in 1990, in order to deepen the economic cooperation between Europe and Japan.

After all those years, the EU Gateway has become a leading business platform, establishing with a great success partnership between European and Japanese companies. Right before the mission, a preliminary training for European companies was held in Brussels, where all participating companies received detailed instructions in order to take the great advantage of their stay in Korea.

During the meeting in Seul, all participants had the opportunity to visit the Korea International Medical & Hospital Equipment Show (KIMES), and to get familiar with health care news and trends. It was also a great opportunity to meet new business contacts.

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