Further growth of the company and an increase in employment, entails further investments. Another production hall and logistics centre of 2,900 m2 are opened. The following year, a new 4-storey production and office building with a total usable area of 2071 m2 is built. A new branch of laminate production was established near Rosnowo. Product development in the area of patient care and the expansion of the cardiac rehabilitation product portfolio with the Cardioline brand were important.

One of the key prerequisites for the company’s rapid growth is the high quality of cooperation between the companies. In 2019, Meden-Inmed started its cooperation with the Professor Zbigniew Religa Foundation for the Development of Cardiac Surgery in Zabrze. In cooperation with the professors of the Clinic, the first cardiac robot for handling endoscopic instruments, used in operations on the human heart, was developed.

Updated: 20-11-2023, 12:46