We started in 1989 with MEDEN – Medical Engineering Ltd. The first premises were located in a detached garage. Initially, the company focused on the distribution and service of Bruel & Kjael ultrasound systems. However, the real breakthrough came in 1991 with the purchase of the first 6 laptops to be used for on-site work. The company’s increasing popularity in the marketplace allowed us to expand the business to include medical equipment service and exclusive distribution of Ledraplastic products. The exploration of new growth opportunities led to a relocation into larger premises in 1994. At the same time the company was transformed into a limited liability company under the name: Pomorskie Centrum Techniki Medycznej MEDEN – Medical Engineering.

In 1995 MEDEN had its first success at the Rehabilitation Equipment Fair in Łódź, where it was awarded a prize for the ALEX set, designed for children with balance disorders.

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