We would like to offer you our professional repair service of medical and rehabilitation equipment.

Our highly qualified team of service specialists have gained their unrivalled experience within years of repairing and technical inspections of medical devices and they still regularly receive comprehensive training. They are supported by professional control and measurement instrumentation.

Meden-Inmed top service standards give our customers the highest levels of confidence and are guaranteed by implementing and maintaining the Quality Management System in accordance with the ISO 9001:2000 and ISO 13485: 2003 standards.

All the repairs are covered by 3-month warranty.

We kindly invite you to learn more about our offer and make use of our service.

We would like to thank all our customers for their trust in MEDEN-INMED and using our service.

Meden-Inmed Service


BALMED bath tub – pearl bath hydromassage does not work.

Check if the air pump is not adjusted to "zero".

TERAPEUTA and GALAXY tables – high/low height adjustment does not work.

Check if the magnetic key is placed in the marked place.

Whirlpool tub works unevenly, it ejects water in a pulsating manner and gives out some muffled droning sound.

Close the water draining valve. 

AQUAMEDEN bath tub control panel displays a key sign.

Please refill the tank of disinfecting fluid. 

The Carbosat device for water carbonization shoots gas into the tub.

The ratio of water pressure to gas pressure is too low. Please clean the water filter, correct the adjustment of pressures so that the gas pressure is at least 0.5 bar lower than the water pressure.

BALMED pearl bath hydromassage bath tub control panel displays a key sign.

Please contact the service department.

AQUANEA bath tub control panel displays E03 error.

The error E03 results from detecting water by the upper sensor when, in fact, there is no water in the tub. Usually it is caused by limescale residue or water running from a shower nearby the sensor location when filling up the tub. Please wash and dry the upper part of the tub to the right of the tap. 

Why does F40 Thermo-mix or C-14 Thermo-mix display E1 or E2 on the control panel?

Instantaneous supply voltage decay. Please restart the device pressing the START button. 

Why will the whirlpool tub not start?

Please descale the device in accordance with its operating manual.

What does the key sign on the whirlpool tub control panel indicate?

Descaling of the device is necessary. Please descale the device in accordance with its operating manual.

The whirlpool tub has been descaled but the control panel still displays the key sign and the device will not start. Why?

The process of descaling was not properly initiated or it was interrupted. Correct initiation of the process of descaling is confirmed with the symbol "OooO" on the display. The process takes 1 h and it cannot be interrupted.

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