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Bydgoszcz, Poland

But for help of the Meden-Inmed company providing such a huge public facility as our Park of Active Rehabilitation and Sport with all the necessary equipment wouldn’t have been possible. We received tremendous support from their side, which enabled us to reach solutions ideal to our needs very quickly.

mgr Agnieszka Lepczak
Manager of the Park of Active Rehabilitation and Sports

The Project

Providing complete equipment for the Park of Active Rehabilitation and Sport, Bydgoszcz. So as to offer the highest standards the facility was equipped with the most modern medical furniture, rehabilitation tables, and state-of-the art equipment for rehabilitation and biological renewal, including the M6 ASA Laser system with High Power characteristics1, Gymna-Uniphy electrotherapy equipment, cryotherapy equipment, and complete rehabilitation Redcord systems. Meden-Inmed designed and installed luxurious saunas and salt chambers, jacuzzi and hydromassage rooms, a sports hall, gym, 25m swimming pool, and a conference & training centre.

As part of the project Meden-Inmed supplied equipment for:

  • hydrotherapy,
  • physiotherapy,
  • kinesitherapy,
  • light therapy,
  • fitness rooms,
  • rehabilitation rooms,
  • biological renewal rooms.

The scope of work:

  • selecting medical equipment,
  • individual functional design,
  • fitting out works in the saunas zone,
  • supervising proper installation of cross-connections at the stage of constructing the building,
  • installation of the equipment,
  • training of the staff.

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