28 January 2021

Eleveo system for dynamic unloading in Vietnam

Our products are recognized in more and more countries. Now you can find one of them in Vietnam.  Eleveo – helps to maintain proper posture, reduces load, eliminates balance problems and improves motor coordination training. This perfect solution for training patients in a wide range of gait disorders works in  Traditional medicine hospital in DAKLAK province. […]

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08 January 2021

9 bath tubes ORIONMED Balneo in Bulgaria

Some from our wide range of hydrotherapy bath tubes –  ORIONMED Balneo – have appiered in one of Hospitals in Bulgaria. Basin of this special tub is made of high quality acrylic saline influence-resistant. Special pump and fittings elements are adapted to saline waters. Except possibility of balneological baths and regular hydro massage via 26 […]

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09 December 2020

Our products in the rehabilitation clinic in Oderwitz, Germany

Last week (03/12/2020), our team visited the rehabilitation clinic in Oderwitz, Germany. They presented there  the Axelero rehabilitation treadmill, Eleveo system for dynamic unloading and Neuroforma – a device for neurorehabilitation. The clinic has also installed equipment for the rehabilitation of lower limbs – Avior, Draco and Pictor (for upper limbs). The workshop was attended […]

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30 November 2020

Magnotherapy devices in Croatia

Recently, in one of the specialist hospitals in Croatia, have appeared the magnetotherapy devices you can find in our extensive offer: MF-12 – modern magnetotherapy device – using it can be performed 2 independent low frequency magnetic field pulse therapy  treatments with the same treatment settings. In set you can find patient couches and large applicators […]

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27 November 2020

Dry hydro massage device AQUAI in France

Our device AQUAI has a wide range of uses in wellness and fitness. It perfectly suits rehabilitation centers. It is also a very good option for relaxation rooms in companies. A patient in a rehabilitation center or a guest in a SPA center can experience the beneficial power of hydro massage without getting wet. The […]

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22 October 2020

Meden-Inmed products in Czech Republic

In some hospitals, SPA hotels, Rehabilitation centers in Czech Republic there is a wide range of Meden-Inmed equipment. You can find there, among others: Aquameden – Underwater massage bath tub Carbosat – Device for baths in carbon dioxide Carbobed – Device for dry baths in CO2 Aqamobil – Mobile water massage unit Whirlpools – Whirlpool […]

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12 October 2020

Meden-Inmed equipment in Rehabilitation Center in Taraz, Kazakhstan

The first Rehabilitation Center dedicated to helping coronavirus patients and the ones suffering from pneumonia has recently been opened in Taraz city (Kazakhstan). The facility has been equipped with essential equipment and supplies, including, among others the highest quality medical devices from MEDEN-INMED and NEUROFORMA with unlimited access to motor-cognitive exercises, modules and set of […]

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28 September 2020

Safari tables in Training Center RMED in Ukraine

Some of our tables from Safari line have found their place in the Training Center RMED in Kijev (Ukraine). From wide range of this line there were chosen 2 types: 4 pcs. of Jaguar S3.F4 in graphite colour and 3 pcs. of Puma S4.F0 in orange colour. Below is photo gallery.

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08 September 2020

Neuroforma presentation at 18th Lithuanian Summer School of Neurologists, Vilnius, Lituania

The 3 days event organized by the Lithuanian Association of Neurologists took place at Vilnius Grand Resort, on 28 -30.08.2020. It was one more successful event with Neuroforma device presented by Dr. Gintarė Vaitkienė. The presented topic was “Innovative rehabilitation systems in neurology”. Format of the event – “COVID” set -up. At seminars participated over […]

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08 September 2020

Neuroforma presentation at conference organized by the Lithuanian Geriatrics Association, Vilnius, Lituania

The conference took place on August 21, 2020 at the Panorama Hotel in Vilnius. Our device Neuroforma was presented by Dr. Gintarė Vaitkienė. The conference was attended by about 200 participants online and 28 listeners on-site of the event (in compliance with safety rules). The presented topic of rehabilitation was “Cognitive and motor functions with […]

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