Aquai – benefits of using dry hydro massage membrane unit

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Aquai relieves muscles tension, alleviates pain, increases blood circulation, and promotes a state of deep relaxation. All the benefits are available without getting undressed and wet, and at greatly reduced running-costs without having to employ additional staff. Aquai is the only device available on the market which may work non-stop maintaining the required water temperature without any supplementary devices, to reduce the running costs even more. As Aquai does not have to be connected with water supply system, the device may be used just anywhere.

Aquai – benefits of using dry hydro massage membrane unit

  1. Modern design. The unique design and state-of-the-art technologies used in the manufacturing process win Aquai wide and universal recognition among wellness, fitness and Spa centers and their customers.
  2. The excellent quality/price ratio translates directly into the fastest return of investment (ROI) which makes Aquai the leader of its class. In addition, miniscule running costs ensure high profit for the facilities using Aquai.
  3. Aquai does not consume water, which results in the running-costs reduction of up to 20 – 25,000 PLN each year. It is worth calculating: 1 therapeutic procedure with use of a hydro massage bathtub consumes 0.5 m3 of water producing 0.5 m3 of sewage, including the amount of water needed to wash the bathtub. The price of water and sewage disposal differ from town to town, for example in Busko Zdrój, Poland, 1 m3 of water and sewage disposal costs 10 PLN gross. Thus, 10 therapeutic procedures daily will generate the cost of water and sewage disposal equal to: 0.5 x 10 = 50 PLN, which means 250 PLN a week (5 working days), and 1,000 PLN each month ( 20 working days), and 12,000 PLN each year (20 days x 12). With the number of therapeutic procedures rising to 15 each day the costs of water and sewage disposal amount to 18,000 PLN, and with 20 procedures a day the costs increase to 24,000 PLN a year. The presented calculation indicates also that facilities open 7 days a week can reduce their costs even more.
  4. There is no need to wash Aquai after a therapeutic procedure, which means less money spent on detergents and water. Additionally, the personnel’s time is saved. As the time which the personnel have to spend to serve Aquai and the customers is incomparably shorter than in case of a therapeutic bathtub, the same number of employees may serve more customers.
  5. Aquai max. power consumption is 3.5 kW – less than a typical therapeutic bathtub.
  6. High efficiency, no need to prepare the device between therapeutic sessions and the possibility of continuous running allow to increase the number of therapeutic procedures by 50%. It is possible to set the time when therapeutic procedures start – this function allows the Aquai device to start heating water appropriately earlier so that the device is ready to start therapeutic sessions at the time previously determined.
  7. Aquai is equipped with a cooling system which does not need any additional space for a refrigerating unit. Thus Aquai saves space and energy.
  8. Diversity of benefits and a wide range of various functions adjustments help to attract a large number of customers. Aquai suits needs of various groups of customers:
  • combining hydrotherapy with thermotherapy without getting wet – for patients with skin problems
  • therapy of chronic spine pain
  • muscles tension relief
  • deep tissues massage
  • improvement in blood circulation

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Updated: 17-11-2023, 12:58