Meden-Inmed was founded in 1989 as a company employing two people. Since then, it has gained a strong market position through hard work and reliability. Initially a small distributor of a few renowned manufacturers, now a dynamic company with over 360 employees – professionals in the fields of electronics, mechanics, economy, sales and marketing. In 2019, Meden Inmed company celebrated its 30th anniversary.

Company, manufacturing high-quality medical and rehabilitation equipment as well as equipment for Wellness centers. Modern rehabilitation combines specialized knowledge with state of the art technology. We knew that when we started our own production plant in 1996 and are even more convinced of it now, when we create new products and widen our offer of medical devices each year. We make sure they are modern, efficient, comfortable and user friendly. We are always happy to see new ideas turn into new products.

Every product we have sold proves the trust our customers have placed in us. Behind every device we deliver there is a long-term relationship. Our customers consciously select a supplier that not only deliver the equipment, but can also guarantee quality and professional service. It has always been our duty and our motto.

To address the growing needs of our customers we have now expanded the range of our products. Our goal is to deliver you a complete range of equipment required by professionals in the field of rehabilitation, SPA, patient care. We also offer OEM, subcontracting and outsourcing production services of mechanical or electronic devices.

We will help you choose the best equipment that is tailored to your needs. See our products. If you have any questions please don’t hesitate contact us. We are always here to hear your voice. Your feedback is always welcome and appreciated.