Piotr Ryckiewicz, M.Sc.
Maciej Zinka, MA

Wiesław Zinka, PhD Eng.

Senior President / Proxy


Till 1990, he was employed at the Medical Technology Plants, where he held the position of a General Manager for the next three years. He has been repeatedly awarded for his commitment to the development of medical technology as well in the region as in the country.

Since 1990, he has been the Founder and the President of Meden-Inmed, a medical technology company located at 2 Wenedów Street in Koszalin, which manufactures medical equipment with its own structures.

In addition to his management role, he actively participates in the development of the structures of the medical devices produced by the company. He is also committed to the development of domestic production as an effective tool for increasing Poland’s prestige in the international arena. The company has received numerous awards, including Business Gazelle 2006, 2007, Transparent Company Award 2009, Forbes Diamonds 2009, Quality International 2010, Investment of Western Pomerania 2009, Ambassador of the Polish Economy 2009.

Hobbies and interests

Hiking, cycling and downhill skiing, regular gatherings around the campfire singing, farming.

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