Mieszalnik do masy fango Thermo-Mix

Thermo-Mix F

Fango mass mixer

Thermo-Mix F is a fango mass mixing device used in thermotherapy. It is also possible to set a steady temperature.

It is a container with a lid and two sources of heat: its bottom and one of its sides. The container rests on a load-bearing frame with two legs that can be attached to the work space with 4 bolts, which makes the work comfortable.

Fango mass mixer keeps the temperature and consistency of the paraffin steady due to its automatic mixing mechanism. Because of being heated as well, discharge valve does not get clogged with solidified paraffin.

Technical Specification:

  • Temperature range: 55 – 80°C
  • Working volume of container: 40 l
  • Sterilization temperature: 130°C
  • Power supply: 400 V / 50 Hz
  • Power consumption: max. 2,3 kW
  • Dimensions: 740 x 640 x 660 mm
  • Weight: 90 kg