Modern massage and treatment tables

Safari is a brand new series of modern treatment tables. Developed in collaboration with designers, engineers and therapists, the Safari line goes beyond average solutions and provides the greatest therapy comfort. 

The Safari tables are as follows:

  • 2-section,
  • 4-section,
  • 3-section,
  • 3-section (tilt-table),
  • 5-section,
  • 5-section (tilt-table).

Safari line is distinguished by it’s unique design and an optional “Heating system of table top” increasing patient’s comfort during procedures.

Wide range of upholstery colours allows you to choose the Safari treatment table best suited to your needs.

Characteristic Features:

  • Adjustable head section from -70° to +40° with gas spring,
  • Round face hole on head section with removable face hole cover which increases patient’s comfort, 
  • Rotating slide-down arm rests in head section,
  • Adjustable leg section from 0° to 90° with gas spring,
  • Two-layer padding with non-flammable, bio-compatible and scratchproof, upholstery in many colours,
  • Powder coated, very stable scissor steel frame in modern colours (white and grey),
  • 2 side brackets for fixation of stabilization belts and elastic bands,
  • Traction support sleeves,
  • Personal Authorization System with 2 safety magnetic keys,
  • Hallotronic® System electric high/low height adjustment from 56 to 104 cm,
  • Powder coated steel high/low height adjustment foot bar accessible from each side of the table,
  • Non-slip rubber feet with 1 cm height adjustment allowing levelling of the table.

Additional option:

  • Heating system of table top (Comfort option),
  • 80 cm width of table top.