KTM BO – motoric table without resistance for manual hand exercises

Fine motoric tables without resistance for manual hand exercises


  • the exercises on the tables improve the ability to daily activities,
  • therapeutic rehabilitation in case of orthopedic, rheumatological and neurological disease of hand,
  • for use in the hospitals (in rehabilitation, surgical or neurological wards) as well as in outpatient rehabilitation,
  • improve the manipulation skills, motor coordination of hand and eye-hand coordination,
  • for dorsiflexion, palmar flexion and rotation in wrist joint, conversion and inversion of the forearm.


  • horizontal spiral – for rotation in wrist joint,
  • vertical roller with the spring – for dorsiflexion and palmar flexion in wrist joint,
  • vertical ball with the spring – for abduction and adduction in wrist joint,
  • pin – for improvement of manipulatin skills,
  • knob – for improvement of manipulatin skills,
  • arm stabilizer (stabilizer axis adjustment in the range of 0-90°).

Characteristic Features:

  • simply motoric table – both for adults and children (height adjustment 54-86 cm),
  • the design of the table is made of wood and steel,
  • top painted with ecological varnish,
  • 4 non-slip rubber feet with height adjustment,
  • accessories are fixed on the wooden top with height adjustment.

Technical Specification:

  • Table top dimensions: 72 x 52 cm
  • Height adjustment: 54-86 cm
  • Mass: 8,4 kg