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Ring medical shower

Ring medical shower Bryza is dedicated to conduct a therapeutic procedure using water massaging properties and temperature. Appropriately arranged water jets, spray water under high pressure, massaging the patient’s body uniformly. Ring medical shower Bryza console allows the therapeutist to control the water pressure and temperature, whereby the treatment can influent the patient in different ways. Popular procedures include alternately showers during the treatment a rapid change of temperature is used.

Characteristic Features:

  • free-standing console made of gelcoat reinforced with glass fiber,
  • water pipe installation made of copper pipes covered with white powder paint,
  • temperature control fo one source (1 thermostat),
  • electronic control panel with temperature indicator,
  • valve for fast water change (warm-cold),
  • thermometer,
  • valve to regulate and cut off the pressure.

Technical Specification:

  • Cold and warm water pressure [bar]: 4-6
  • Warm water temperature [°C]: max. 60
  • Power consumption (version with PUMP) [kW]: 0,8
  • Dimensions NPL2 (H x W x L) [cm]: 100 x 67 x 56
  • Dimensions CAGE (H x W x L) [cm]: 226 x 89 x 95