Klin do ćwiczeń rehabilitacyjnych


As far as correct position of the patient during massages, physiotherapy exercises or treatments is concerned, rehabilitation wedges are very important. The Meden-Inmed exercise wedges are made of hard polyurethane foam and its soft and durable padding meets all the standards. Because of various size available, these exercise wedges are suitable for any kind of treatment.

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Półwałek do ćwiczeń rehabilitacyjnych


Rehabilitation half-rolls are made of anti-crease polyurethane foam as well. Such half-roll is a perfect aid for treatment, physiotherapy exercises or massage and there is quite a range of colours of its padding. It is possible to select the half-roll according to the treatment requirements, as there are three sizes available: 1000x500mm, 600x200mm and 600x150mm.

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Wałki do ćwiczeń rehabilitacyjnych


Rehabilitation rolls are made of anti-crease polyurethane foam. Covered with padding (the colour of which you can choose), such roll will raise the effectiveness of treatments, physiotherapy exercises or massage. The roll serves as a support for the patient’s feet, knees or shoulders. Because of the various measurements, the rolls are divided into three sizes (1000x500mm, 600x200mm and 600x150mm), which allows the choice of a roll appropriate to the given treatment.

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