Adjustable hygiene chair Mohican

Mohican hygiene chair

Mobile hygiene chair with adjustable height and positioning is protected against water, dirt or hair while bathing, shaving or grooming the patient. Adjusted with a manual remote controller for optimal positioning of the patient.

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Dry CO2 baths and ozone baths TOWER MX-1


The Only chamber available on the market that allows to perform both ‘dry’ CO2 baths and ozone baths.

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Dry carbon dioxide bath device CARBObed


CARBObed is modern device for “dry” baths in carbon dioxide.

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Urological and urodynamic examinations chair Mars

Mars gynaecology examination chair

A chair designed for gynaecology examination and treatment.

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Universal gynecological chair Wenus

Wenus gynecological chair

Universal gynecological chair Wenus, independent electronic control of backrest and seat inclination and height adjustment of the whole chair by means of the manual control unit.

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Pelvic floor muscles rehabilitation device Pelvictrainer


Rehabilitation of pelvic floor muscles with biofeedback, without intimate contact.

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Axelero - stress test treadmill


Axelero is a medical treadmill designed for cardiac rehabilitation. This modern medical device is intended to work with popular protocols used by stress test systems. Axelero features allow the therapist to control load applied on the patient during the stress test. Axelero can both be used as a medical device or a professional exercise treadmill.

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OKO – eye test chart

Illuminated eye test chart with remote control. Several available optotypes. Flexible (select row or single icons), reliable and easy to operate. Auto power-off. Featuring additional optotypes, (e.g. with symbols for children).

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SDN-1 – baby changing table

The table is made of white metal parts and particle veneered board, covered with leather-imitating padding. There is an option to add a side shelf (where scales, toys or indispensable accessories can be placed) and a lower-shelf (for underwear and toiletries).

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