Safari is a brand new series of modern treatment tables. Developed in collaboration with designers, engineers and therapists, the Safari line goes beyond average solutions and provides the greatest therapy comfort.  The Safari tables are as follows: 2-section, 4-section, 3-section, 3-section (tilt-table), 5-section, 5-section (tilt-table). Safari line is distinguished by it’s unique design and an optional “Heating system of table top” […]

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Stoły do masażu i rehabilitacji Terapeuta

Terapeuta Prestige

7-section (tilt-table)
Terapueta are one of the most popular massage tables in Europe and the whole world, because of their ergonomic design and suitability for specific therapies as a result of many configuration possibilities.

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Terapeuta - Stół do osteopatii i terapii manualnych

Terapeuta Prestige O

The Meden-Inmed osteopathy and manual therapy tables have just recently been offered for sale and the target group is osteopaths since these tables are suited specifically to manual therapy.

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Stół do rehabilitacji neurologicznej Terapeuta B

Safari Elephant therapy table

Terapueta B are 1- or 2-section therapy tables meant for children neurological rehabilitation, when using reflex locomotion or Bobath concept. When treating mostly children with central nervous system chronic diseases or injuries, thanks to these tables, safety and comfortable work are guaranteed. Terapeuta B tables are very mobile, as they have 4 legs and 4 wheels.

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