Ring medical shower Bryza NPL | Meden Inmed

Shower cabin Bryza is dedicated to conduct a therapeutic procedure using water massaging properties and temperature.

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Water treadmill Aquamotion

Aquamotion water treadmill is an exceptional and professional medical product for underwater treatments.

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Aquaray – Bath tub for automatic hydromassage

Therapeutic bath tub for SPA. Aquaray has 3 standard programs: P1, P2, P3, user programs (P4-P20), 98 aeration apertures for air bubble massage (14×7 apertures) and 2 temperature sensors.

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Jet shower ORKAN NBC

Jet shower device with a manometer, thermometer and valves; giving the choice to use either double or triple stream (pouring, focused or dispersed), and thermostatic batteries which allow the regulation of water temperature.

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Aquamobil – Mobile hydrotherapy massage device

Aquamobil is a mobile underwater massage unit with a hose and 3 interchangeable nozzles. The device also has a valve with a steady pressure regulation which gives the therapist full control over underwater massage. The treatment can be applied in hydrotherapy tubs and pools. The device has a nice function of self-cleaning.

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Zamknięty obieg wody w aparacie Aquavibron

Water supply station – Ekopompa

Ekopompa is a water recirculation massage unit compatible with Medimark Aquavibron. The device allows the ecological usage of water to create vibrations of the membrane in the Aquavibron unit (water recirculation). A special pump keeps the appropriate level of water pressure and the capacity of the tank up to 10 litres.

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Urządzenie do masażu membranowego Aquai

Dry hydromassage membrane unit Aquai

Aquai is a multifunctional membrane massage unit. It is used in Medical SPA and fitness centres, beauty spas and rehabilitation practices. The device is used for dry hydromassage (or dry massage). The membrane, which the user is lying on, gets hit with the water coming out through nozzles.

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Orionmed_Balneo_Medical bath tub

Hydrotherapy medical bath tub Orionmed Balneo

Orionmed Balneo is a tub allowing to provide balneology and hydromassage treatment at one time. Orionmed Balneo is adapted to the use of brine, thermal waters, peat or beer during the treatment. Audio and chromoterapy modes are optional features.

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Balmed balneology bath tub

Balmed – balneology bath tub

Therapeutic tub for brine-, peat- and carbonic acid baths. It is used in rehabilitation-, SPA- and beauty centres. The tub is widely used to reduce pain, improve blood transport to the tissues or their regeneration due to the therapeutic effects of balneological baths.

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Wanna do hydroterapii Aquameden

Aquameden – Underwater massage water tub

Underwater massage water jet tub. One of its characteristics is water economy. Electronic control panel together with temperature sensors make the use of the equipment easy. The immersed massage in Aquameden tub works like a classical massage by improving the blood transport to the tissues and body systems functioning.

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