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    Neurological Rehabilitation

Wyszków, Poland

The Rehabilitation Centre was established in cooperation with Meden-Inmed, who served us professionally having regards to individual requests. They assisted in the selection of equipment for kinesitherapy and physical therapy. They served as a guide in the placement and assembly of cameras in surgeries. Moreover, the Meden-Inmed company gave substantive training on the use of purchased equipment. We recommend them for quick contact and great commitment.

Wioletta Krakówka
President of OST-MED

The Project

OST-MED Sp. z o.o. is a company operating since 2014. The company’s mission is to create a unique health care organization in diagnosis and treatment. We focus on providing high quality innovative medical services, unique on a national and European scale.

The company’s main goal is to increase the availability of health care services including rehabilitation for children, adolescents and adults.

As part of the investment, the following equipment was provided:

  • a modern system designed for gait re-education LOKOMAT PRO,
  • a portable device for Tecar therapy by Winback,
  • a vertical table and much more.

The scope of work:

  • selection of medical equipment,
  • financial modeling,
  • consulting location devices at the design stage,
  • to oversee the proper implementation of connections during the construction phase,
  • installation of equipment,
  • training of personnel.

Our staff has the training, knowledge and skills in the field of working with children diagnosed with CP.

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