Zamknięty obieg wody w aparacie Aquavibron


Water recirculation unit for Aquavibron

Ekopompa is a water recirculation massage unit compatible with Medimark Aquavibron. The device allows the ecological usage of water to create vibrations of the membrane in the Aquavibron unit (water recirculation). A special pump keeps the appropriate level of water pressure and the capacity of the tank up to 10 litres.

Ekopompa lets the recirculated water keep a steady temperature thanks to the in-built ventilator which creates a controlled stream of air.

Ekopompa is fully compatible with the Aquavibron unit and can be connected to it without any additional modification with all the functions of a massage unit kept available. It is perfect for hospitals, sanatoria, beauty spas or private rehabilitation practices.

Technical Specification:

  • Working capacity: 7 – 10 l
  • Power consumption: max. 0,6 kW
  • Power: 230 V / 50 Hz
  • Dimensions: 63 cm x 50 cm x 87 cm
  • Weight: 4o kg
  • Electrical safety: Class I, type B