LZM are high-quality and very popular among rehabilitation practices and medical surgeries couches. The headrest is easy to adjust and the structure of the couch is well-thought which makes it suitable for examination, simple massage and rehabilitation. Its durable frame has been powder-coated which allows the couch to last longer.

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Elegant wooden couches produced by Meden-Inmed which can be found mostly in Medical SPA & Wellness centres and beauty spas. They are also perfect for medical facilities and rehabilitation practices.

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Elektryczna leżanka SPA & Wellnes Sophie


Sophie SPA couch is an exclusive massage unit meant for health- and Medical SPA & Wellness centres. It is a combination of elegant design and versatility which are the results of detailed construction and electrical operation. The patient can be easily put in the appropriate position and the treatment is very comfortable, as the 7-section exam surface is covered with a multi-layer, soft padding.

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